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Men's Avalon Ultimate League

Newfoundland and Labrador's mens-only frisbee.

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Winter 2015 - 3 Details

Winter MAUL will be starting Tuesdays, April 13th. 7 weeks. This will be a 6 on 6 test format for indoors using a pod system of 6-7 people per pod.

Mission Statement

Men’s ultimate players,

Thanks to a dedicated and forward thinking group of individuals (basically, they copied SWURL), MAUL was formed several years ago to fill a void in men’s ultimate. From that point, MAUL has been the place for players interested in single gender ultimate. Basically, MAUL is a glorified pickup league, which has both pros and cons. The current leadership feels that MAUL can offer more opportunities to play, as well as, learn and improve individual and team ultimate skills.

To create a bigger pool and create better opportunities to learn and play ultimate, MAUL is transitioning into a club. Forming a club is one way to improve upon, and most importantly, add more services to you, the players. Why form a club? A club will create a more stable pool of players from year to year and keep that stability all the way down to a week to week basis. It will also put a bit more of the emphasis on you, the players, as you become stakeholders in the enterprise and help determine its success (however, success is defined).

As a player, you are wondering: ‘What services are you talking about and what are you going to improve?’ The club system we are proposing will offer you opportunities that haven’t been available in the current MAUL system. The club will secure a field and a time to practice individual and team skills as well as keep a league system in place for you to put those shiny, new skills into play. The club system will help create a better sense of the importance of each person’s contribution by being apart of something bigger than just showing up to a weekly league game. We want people to come out, learn, have fun and get the same feeling you have when you are a part of a team. Lastly, the club will be a place for players interested in travel to be organized into a team (who have been practicing similar skills and playing together regularly) and attend tournaments.

The summation of the above points will create a much more highly-skilled group of ultimate players, which, in turn, will come together to play high-level ultimate that isn’t available anywhere in local metro area. Individual players will have the choice to join the club and take advantage of its services or just sign up to the various leagues (summer maul, fall maul etc…). The MAUL club will secure practice time, offer skill development and opportunities to put skills into game-like settings as well as the established MAUL leagues. The MAUL club will provide players with a network to organize pickup games, travel to tournaments or to get out and work on throwing and catching.

The short term goal of the MAUL club is to develop the skills to play higher level ultimate and travel to a couple tournaments. The long term goals of MAUL are to create an open league and attend CUC’s and the Fall Series (USAU sectionals and regionals). Even if you aren’t interested in travel, you will improve by learning from and playing against the players who travel. If you can envision contributing to this new format, stay tuned for more...


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